Solidot | Warm seawater turns 99% of turtles into females


warming seawater is turning some turtle populations into females. According to the report in the Current Biology journal the young green turtles born along the Great Barrier Reef North Beach in Australia over 99% is a female . If this extreme gender imbalance persists, the number of turtle populations may shrink. The sex of the Green turtle depends on the temperature at incubation. Scientists know that warming seawater can lead to more females, but quantifying the phenomenon is difficult. Researchers analyzed the hormone levels of turtles collected in the Great Barrier Reef to determine their gender, and then used genetic data to link individuals to their place of birth, a method that allows scientists to estimate the sex ratios in different locations. The overall sex ratio of the turtles was not abnormal, with a male-female birth rate of about 1:4, but the sex ratio of turtles hatching in the warm seawater-soaked gravel in the north of the Great Barrier Reef was 1:116, that is, more than 99% females, and 20 years ago 86%.