Solidot | UC Browser dominates the Asian mobile market


An unknown mobile browser in the West in the Asian market for the first time to achieve for Chrome’s transcendence. In India, Indonesia and other emerging markets, hundreds of millions of first-time Internet users chose to use Alibaba’s UC browser (UC Browser) rather than Chrome. Users say UC browsers are doing better in countries where low-end smartphones dominate and mobile services are unstable. StatCounter’s data show that UC browsers have more than 430 million users worldwide, with a share of the mobile Internet market in India in the past year 51%,chrome 30%. In Indonesia, UC browsers have a market share of 41% over the past year, up from 32% of Chrome. One reason for the success of UC browsers is the small size of applications and the use of a portal-style approach to display news, sporting events (cricket, football, etc.) and other content. A potential challenge to the continued popularity of UC browsers is the fear of how Alibaba handles user data. The Civic Laboratory of the University of Toronto said in 2016 that UC browsers had privacy and security issues in the process of transmitting data.