Solidot | Send an email to you 10 years later


wmr wrote, “It would be interesting to receive an email from yourself after 10 years or 20 years later, regardless of your original purpose.” 20 may be too long, for example, for 10 years. Think back to you 10 years ago and you’ll find yourself almost impossible to predict after 10 years; think back to the internet 10 years ago (if you were already on the Internet), and you’ll find that it’s changed over the past 10 years to make you afraid to predict what it will be like after 10. It is this uncertainty that makes the whole thing fun. So if you have something you want to remember, or you want to write down some of the key ideas that you have in mind for later comparisons, you can simply put them in your email and send them to your email address at some point in 2018.

January 2008, ken Wong wrote this passage in Gseeker . This makes the internet not long, Google fans, the first of me, in the Google Calendar wrote a short “I am now in the writing industry?” ???????? ” A word. Blink of an eye, 10 years have passed.

Google Calendar canceled email reminders, I didn’t get a reminder, but I saw the news on Google calendar as scheduled. For Google, in June, Ken Wong stopped updating gseeker. Then came the Google fan site, but after a few years also stopped updating. September 2008, google released chrome[19459003January2010GooglewithdrewfromChinaJuly2013google reader closes . Google was completely blocked in 2015. Google fans have disappeared and Google fans are missing, probably because Google has streamlined many services. 2007 Apple just released Iphone,google just released android Beta. Over the past decade, both systems have captured the market, and most Internet access is now through both. Bitcoin from Solidot in 2011 for the first time reported 7.3 US dollar rose to December 2017 the highest 20,000 dollar . China’s internet has gradually formed “BAT” network pattern , Network real-Name System implementation. The micro-letter occupied the mobile screen.

in ten years, China has built 2.2 million kilometers of high-speed railway self-developed cr400 train in the Beijing-Shanghai line with the world’s fastest speed, Large airplanes c919 also in flight test . China has the first aircraft carrier “Liaoning” and built its own second aircraft carrier, has now launched. 
China’s GDP purchasing power parity grew from $8.9 trillion trillion in 2007 to $23.1 trillion trillion in 2017 years (forecast).

in January 2009, I submitted the first article to solidot[19459023. At that time, Google Reader has a “like” function, I found that my article was “like” more than the matrix of the number of their own hair, which made me develop a love for Solidot delivery articles. I should be the most Solidot to deliver articles. Later, Google reader’s “like” feature canceled the incentive decreased, and the frequency decreased. Should be the most Solidot articles of the volunteers. 2015, I met a matrix, my hobby is also a complete bar.

What is your outlook for the Internet, society, and yourself for ten years? Use Google Calendar to write to yourself ten years later!