Solidot | Scavengers are leaving Beijing


in the past few decades, China has not been able to establish a perfect recycling system, but China’s recycling rate is still far higher than in some developed countries, relying on the national three to 5 million scavengers. Among them, 15.3 million people in Beijing recycling waste. They can be roughly divided into 13 gangs. These gangs are zoned for 82 “camp plates” outside Beijing’s four-ring district, with more than 2000 households in each camp. On average, every scrap collector serves nearly 100 residents in Beijing. Beijing Nissan trash about 23,000 tons, it is this group of “low-end population” day and night toil, so that nearly 30% of Beijing’s domestic waste of recyclable materials from the landfill or incineration plant. This recycling chain was once efficient and orderly. But now as Beijing expels “low-end outsiders”, These people are moving away from Beijing and sanitation workers have found more rubbish in their neighborhoods than ever before, adding to their burdens.