Solidot | Official denial of the deadline to close the Bitcoin mine


The government media Finance network quoted people familiar with the news reported the authorities did not plan to close the Bitcoin mine. China has the world’s largest bit-currency mining industry and the world’s largest mining machine production industry, if the power to close the mine bitcoin network will be a sharp drop in the calculation, investors will face huge losses. reported that the regulatory level to actively guide the management of enterprises in the orderly withdrawal of mining business, that is, to coordinate the relevant departments, measures simultaneously, the comprehensive adoption of electricity prices, land, taxation and environmental protection measures, and regularly reported to the jurisdiction of the “mining” enterprise basic situation and guidance. The “guided exit” referred to here is not a mandatory measure to require local shutdown, but rather to regulate and shrink preferential policies around the country. People familiar with the matter said one of the problems in the mining of Bitcoin is that the power consumption of mining is huge, the amount of electricity consumed by the whole country is not completely statistics, it can be used by 50 million households, and there is a waste of resources. The second is to create 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide per coin, which is bad for the environment. In addition, some mines also have problems such as fire safety and excessive noise.