Solidot | Multiple dating applications using robot spoofing are closed


Guangdong Police announced the closure of a variety of apps that use robots to trick users into paying for their friends. The police did not disclose the full name of the APP. The report said these dating app to make friends, courtship for the guise of attracting male users to install registration, then to entice users to recharge members can enjoy the “privileges” of the modus operandi of fraud, involving the APP has “a city courtship,” “Some Friends” ” Some will “” Some Love, “” a City of dense “” some edge “and so on. The related network fraud criminal gangs are operated by the company, distributed in Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan and Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other locations, the company scale of more than dozens of people, some even more than hundreds of people, the company’s monthly cash flow of hundreds of thousands of to tens of millions of, the total amount of money involved in more than 1 billion yuan, daily about 100,000 people cheated. One of the cases in which the police arrested more than 240 suspects, storage server more than 250 units, the seizure of computers, mobile phones and more than 600 Taiwan, frozen funds involved in more than 12 million yuan. “This APP registration is free, but if you want to and Avatar on the ‘ Beauty ‘ chat, the user must first pay 200 yuan VIP dues, but even if the money, chat with the user is a robot, not the avatar on the ‘ Beauty ‘. According to the initial statistics of the police, the platform can only be checked by the background of August 2016 to be captured up to 340 million yuan, and a daily increase of 300,000 yuan, at the same time, the company prepared 127 “robot” program a day income of more than 40,000 yuan, deceived the number of millions of people.