Solidot | Kodak announced the Kodak currency, the stock price rose more than one times


Kodak embraced the block chain and ICO this popular craze, announced The release of the Kodak currency for the photographer (Kodakcoin), the news that Kodak’s share price more than doubled. It’s really amazing to see a company that was once unknown to the public in this way. Kodak said that the Kodak currency will be used as a token for the block chain-driven kodakone rights management platform, the platform will create a digital book of ownership, the photographer can be used to register or authorize new and old works. Kodak claims that Kodakone and Kodak coins allow photographers and agencies to better control the image’s copyright management, while the Kodak currency will allow photographers to collect fees and sell works on a secure platform. That sounds like a good idea, but why does a photographic company have to use a block chain to achieve its goals? Kodak’s approach is more like using the current digital currency mania to attract media attention.