Solidot | Intel revealed that the 49 quantum bit chip


chip giant revealed 49 qubit superconducting quantum chips at CES. Both Google and IBM are developing their own quantum computing systems. Intel’s quantum chip code-named Tangle Lake. “From a scientific standpoint, 50 or so qubits are in a very interesting position because you have reached a point where the quantum behavior of a chip cannot be fully predicted or simulated,” said Michael Mayberry, vice president of the company and director of the Intel Laboratory. IBM announced last November that it had built a prototype of 50 qubits, and Google has previously said it plans to implement 49 quantum-bit superconducting quantum chips by the end of last year. But business promises to implement quantum chips have a long way to go. Intel’s roadmap shows the researchers want to complete the 1000 qubit system within 5-7 years. Experts believe that a quantum computer from a commercial point of view requires at least 1 million qubits to be available.