Solidot | ICloud (China) will be operating from the cloud in Guizhou


Apple January 9 on the Support website published a statement announced from February 28, 2018 ICloud (China) will be run by the Chinese company Cloud in Guizhou. China’s cyber-security law, which came into force last year, requires Chinese user data to be stored on servers in China. “This will help us continue to improve the speed and reliability of ICloud services and comply with Chinese regulations,” Apple said. “Apple said that the country or region is set to” China “Apple ID, its associated ICloud service operations will be transferred, and thereafter users to use these services and through ICloud storage of all data (including photos, videos, documents and backups, etc.) will be subject to new ICloud (from the cloud on the operation of Guizhou) the terms and conditions of the constraints. Users will need to agree to ICloud (from Cloud to Guizhou camp) terms and conditions before they can continue to use ICloud (China). If you do not want to use the ICloud (China) service, which is operated by the cloud on Guizhou, users can go to, indicating that the ICloud account has been deactivated since February 28, 2018.