Solidot | Baidu denied the ability to monitor the phone


Jiangsu Province, the Consumer Protection committee last week filed a civil lawsuit against Baidu, accused of Baidu’s APP allegedly “monitor the phone, positioning.” Baidu in the media communication meeting to deny this again stressed that its app will not, also does not have the ability to monitor the phone, while Baidu app sensitive permissions need to authorize, and users can be free to close. Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Committee and Baidu between an important difference is that the mobile phone Baidu, Baidu browser APP whether there is too much call user data problem. Baidu said it could turn off authorization, but the test found that canceling certain permissions would cause the application to fail to start. As for whether the app can monitor the phone, security experts say that as long as the user gives the app relevant permissions, the technology can be done to monitor the phone and other operations, as to do not to see the app side think.