Solidot | ASUS turns old routers into mesh


asus ‘ new aimesh system can connect multiple wireless routers and create a home mesh Wi-Fi System。 It supports the blending of different models of ASUS wireless routers and the use of old wireless routers to extend the Aimesh network . The router models supported by this feature include: RT-AC68RW, Rt-ac68uf, rt-ac68r, rt-ac68w, rt-ac1900, Rt-ac68u_white, rt-ac68p, rt-ac1900p, RT-AC68U, V2, rt-ac68u, rt-ac86u, rt-ac2900, rt-ac88u and rt-ac3100. The Aimesh setting is relatively simple, the main router is upgraded to the latest firmware to establish a Wi-Fi network, restore the extended router to factory settings, search with the ASUSWRT or ASUS wireless router APP, and then add the extended router as a node to the mesh network.