Running the modern Linux kernel on 486


Yeo Kheng Meng purchased a 486 PC (IBM PS/1 consultant 2133 is 486 clone AMD 19c,cpu, 64MB SIMM-72 RAM), originally intended to play a DOS game, but then began to play Linux, he and colleagues first installed Damn Sgt Linux (DSL) 4.4.10, which was released in November 2008, the use of the kernel version or 2.4.31, it’s antique from today’s standard. Can it be able to run modern Linux kernels and distributions ? Currently the Linux kernel still supports 486 theoretically. He compiled a compact version of Gentoo Linux with his own Thinkpad T430 laptop, which does not support an optical drive boot, but rather a floppy disk or a built-in hard drive, with the advantage that it has no spectre and meltdown vulnerabilities. It took 11 minutes to start after the installation, and 5.5 for the shutdown. Still, he has a profound impact on Linux’s support for antique-grade PCs.