Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel status


stabilizer kernel defender Greg Kroah-hartman released the update 4.14.12,4.9.75 and 4.4.110, mainly the Me Ltdown and Spectre patches were ported to the stable kernel branch, and he then described the kernel fixes for meltdown and Spectre on a personal blog . Kroah-hartman says most distributions have been patched, but users will be unlucky if they use kernel versions that are not 4.4, 4.9, 4.14, or no release support. However, compared to patching meltdown and spectre vulnerabilities, the user’s current kernel apparently contains hundreds of other vulnerabilities that users need to worry about, not meltdown and Spectre, but more pressing other security vulnerabilities. He advises users to update the system in a timely manner. For the vast majority of Android users, the new vulnerabilities are really not a big problem.