Solidot | Zhou called for the implementation of a major network security strategy


360 CEO Zhou in the official media People’s Daily published article for what he said based on “Big Data” Network security Strategy preheating, but the specific meaning of its expression is somewhat vague. Qihoo is China’s largest security company and is believed to be working closely with the government in many ways. Zhou said, “in the rapid development of the network era, there is no attack not broken network, the traditional network security of the ‘ Maginot Line of defense ‘ thinking has lagged behind.” To change the past with isolation, defense, defense-oriented thinking, transition to focus on strengthening the attacks have entered the discovery and response. We need to study how to find and respond as quickly as we can: quickly discover when the other person has not yet stolen data or destroy the system, quickly discover it before the other person gives us more damage, and block, clear and repair it in time … The State should establish national network security situational awareness platform, national level threat intelligence platform, National Emergency Command and cooperative defense platform, national mail security filtering platform, etc., through the implementation of a series of major projects to enhance the overall defense capability of our network security. “China has long established a national network security Emergency Response Center, but it is not clear what he called the National Mail Security filtering platform is what.”