Solidot | The three men who created the Mirai zombie network pleaded guilty


According to the US Department of Justice press release three men who created Mirai zombie network Paras Jha, Josiah White and Dalton Norman recognized the crime . The Mirai malware program exploits the known vulnerabilities of networked devices to invade and control devices, and then launches an alarming scale of DDoS, which in 2016 led to the short offline of many well-known Web sites and Web services. Rutgers University computer science student paras Jha is a security investigation correspondent Brian Krebs earlier this year tracked its network traces identified by . Paras Jha uses the alias Anna senpai Open source Mirai code, according to guilty plea agreement open source malicious program code is in case of a precaution Jha or the computer to which his accomplices control is found Mirai code can be prevarication. In September 2017 and around October, Jha removed the virtual machines running Mirai from their devices. Jha will face a maximum of five years in prison, but his sentence may be shorter given his cooperation with the government investigation.