Solidot | The German intelligence agency says China uses social media recruits


Laeticia Chen, a young, slim, black-haired man, works in a Chinese think-tank in Shanghai. At least this is the information she shows on her account on the professional social networking platform (LinkedIn). Its account has more than 500 contacts. However, Chen’s photo is actually a photo of a mannequin in a women’s shop. Other content in her account is also false information. The German constitution protection Agency has warned that Chen’s account is not a case, it is only one of many false accounts, the Chinese intelligence agencies hope that through these accounts to collect information, recruit German informants . A nine-month study of China’s activities by experts from the Constitutional Protection Agency found that eight of the false accounts used by Chinese intelligence agencies were the most active, and Laeticia Chen was one of them. The findings of the Constitutional Protection Agency show how big China is trying to recruit people through social media such as Britain. For Chinese intelligence personnel, the advantage of recruiting informants in social media is that there is no risk. And these sites have a user’s career, social experience, hobbies and political trends, such as information, through the advanced search function can easily find target objects. Social media sites like the UK have not been blocked in China.