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scikit-learn is a machine learning tool based on the Python language.

  1. Simple and efficient data mining and data analysis tools
  2. for everyone to reuse in a variety of environments
  3. established in NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib on
  4. Open source, commercially available-BSD license

website address: Scikit-learn (Sklearn) : Chinese document: APACHECN- Scikit-learn (Sklearn) : Maintenance address

github: apachecn: HTTP://SKLEARN.APACHECN.ORG/

is translating

scikit-learn (Sklearn) 0.19

The historical version participates in the translation & Discovery error 1.
Fork the repository on the GitHub.
Translate doc/zh/modules and doc/zh/tutorial under the RST file, for example, Tutorial.rst.
Then, in your GitHub launch the New pull request.

4. tool used, can refer to the following content.
Tool use (for beginners)

工欲善其事, its …
The tool is free and can achieve the effect.
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Role assignments

currently have the following roles to assign:

  • Translation: Responsible for translating the content of the article.
  • Checksum: Responsible for the verification of the content of the article, such as format, accuracy and so on.
  • the person in charge: responsible for the entire projcet, not to let this project become garbage projects, the need for sklearn experience a little bit more.

friends who are interested in participating can look at the last contact.

The person responsible contributors

Contributors can edit the following content (ranking is not in order).


Translator (everyone big man ~):

verifier (everyone is big ~) (It’s not complete yet, the contributors are free to modify)


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