Solidot | Russian officials confirmed that last month’s satellite launch failure was a result of programming errors


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin this Wednesday admits One of the satellites lost last month was a result of man-made programming. Last month, Russia launched the Meteor-m meteorological satellite and 18 small satellites in the Eastern Harbour Space launch site using SOYUZ-2-1B rockets, all of which were sent into the sub orbit and burned in the atmosphere. The launch failed because the rocket-level flight control system was still set up for the Baikonur launch site in Central Asia and was not properly set for the eastern port launch site in the Far East. Rogozin said the satellite-carrying rocket was programmed with the wrong coordinates, which it thought was taken off from Baikonur. The Baikonur launch site, located in Kazakhstan, was leased by Russia, while the Orient port was the first civilian launch site in Russia.