Solidot | Google launched the AI Center in China


at the Google Developers Conference in Shanghai, the search giant announced set up AI China Center , which is the company’s first AI Research center in Asia, will recruit Chinese local talent. The vast majority of Google’s services are still blocked in China and do not see the possibility of a lifting of the ban. Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning chief scientist Li Feifei on the official blog praised China’s dominance in AI: Over the past three years The three winning teams of the Imagenet Challenge are mainly composed of Chinese researchers; 2015 TOP $number AI journal content Chinese researchers contributed 43%; When association for the Advancement of AI It changed the date when it was found to overlap with the Chinese New Year. Li Feifei says that whether AI breakthroughs occur in Silicon Valley or Beijing, it can make life better for everyone in the world. AI Science, she says, has no national boundaries, and its benefits also have no national boundaries. A Google spokeswoman said the company has two offices in China, about 600 employees, half of whom work on global products.