Solidot | Gates calls for shared data to conquer Alzheimer’s disease


Bill Gates published an article in the FT calling for shared data to conquer Alzheimer’s disease . “In Britain’s top ten deadly diseases, Alzheimer’s is the only thing that has no effective treatment at all,” Gates said. Over the year, the disease has become increasingly popular. Unless we make a major breakthrough in therapy, the cost of the disease-whether emotionally or economically-will explode. “Mr. Gates said he remains optimistic about the effects of reducing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, but the need to take steps to speed up research, the most important of which is sharing data, is needed to mitigate the effects of the illness.” Mr Gates said that bringing the data together would give the entire field a far more competitive advantage than the information would bring. By analyzing data from a large population, we may be able to discover earlier potential patients with the risk of the disease. Large datasets also make it easier to identify new therapeutic targets. Clinical trials are another area that can benefit from data. In many ways, the data makes our lives better-from discovering fraudulent shopping with credit cards to adjusting traffic lights to reduce waiting times.