Solidot | From the Social credit system to the national comprehensive monitoring


Björn Alpermann, a professor of sinology at Wulzburg University, Germany talked about China’s plans in Social Credit system launched in 2020. China is experimenting with social credit in some regions, but the relevant indicators are very opaque. In some pilot areas, the software is connected to a traffic camera, which automatically affects the Social credit score when the camera logs a person through a red light through an automatic face recognition technique. Unlike credit-related credit systems, the Chinese government plans to build a social responsibility and credit system that goes well beyond financial information, such as violating traffic regulations, and when children are not regularly visiting their parents, or violating public morals, into their personal lives. Criticism of the government’s comments or other unpopular actions by individuals could be in the evaluation system. National plans and local pilot projects show that this is a very comprehensive information collection system involving all aspects. The most extreme scenario is the state’s overall monitoring and adoption of sanctions.