Solidot | China research says Nanjing Massacre traumatic memory affects brain 80


official Xinhua News agency reported the Nanjing University research team revealed ” Research on the mental health of the survivors of the Nanjing Massacre based on multimode neuroimaging techniques. The study found that the activation of the historical memory associated with the Nanjing Massacre triggered a strong activation of the survivors ‘ control of the emotional and negative memory brain regions, the impact of traumatic memory on the structure and function of the survivors ‘ brains for at least 80 years (1937-2017) This study has invited 54 survivors of the Nanking Massacre and 60 The masterpiece for the control of healthy elderly people involved in the study. The study was divided into behavioral measurements and brain imaging scans, in which all participants took part in behavioural measurements, of which 30 surviving elderly and 40 healthy elderly people were involved in the MRI scans and the Holocaust-related cues that stimulated the task, The study of the survivors of brain imaging images will be invaded by the Japanese soldiers of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum collection and exhibition.