Solidot | China has abandoned its controversial plan to search for a warrior gene after it abandoned its controversial plan to hunt for the warrior gene


. The government-supported study began in 2005, when researchers collected blood samples from juvenile delinquents, analysed their genes, compared the genes of ordinary adolescents and non-violent juveniles of a similar age, looking for “warrior genes” that contributed to increased violence. The juveniles were at least 14 years of age at the time of their crimes, and their crimes included robbery, assault and murder. But after spending millions of and a half years of hard work, the project quietly declared failure. Meng Huaqing, a chief scientist of the project and the first affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, said the government had gradually stopped funding all the relevant research over the past two years. The plan, he said, did not die of moral issues, there was no ethical issue, but a general negative outcome. The study found that the role of genes in environmental factors can be said to be negligible. An analysis of the candidate “warrior genes” for some 400 juveniles did not reveal statistically significant differences between genes and acts of violence. Heredity is only a driving force, he says, and changes in the environment can lead to a change in one’s behavior.