Solidot | China collects blood and saliva samples to build the world’s largest DNA database


The Wall Street Journal reports (Pay wall, FBChinese authorities are collecting large numbers of DNA samples from residents in various names. In Leshan Jianwei County, Sichuan Province, police collected students ‘ saliva samples in the name of a murder case, and in the Bss near North Korea, the name was collected for free, while in Ningxia it was a census and in Shenzhen there was no local residence permit. Police documents indicate that the target is to increase the number of samples in the DNA library from 54 million to 100 million by 2020. This massive collection of DNA samples has been criticized for violating privacy and unfair treatment of innocent and vulnerable residents. The police collected samples of people who forgot to carry identity cards, bloggers who criticized the government, and people who were considered to be at high risk for social stability, such as migrant workers, and documents show that a city has also included coal miners and tenants.