Solidot | 123456 is still the most popular password


SplashData released 2017 by analyzing the leaked more than 5 million password “worst passwords of the Y EAR “, 123456 again dominate the list. Commonly used passwords are similar to the past few years, such as password,12345678,qwerty,12345 and so on. Because of the memory problem, people usually have a very easy to remember password for the unimportant website account, the password manager can solve this situation, but the password manager may also face a single point of failure. The password for the first entry into the list this year is “Iloveyou”, “monkey”, “Hello”, “Freedom”, “qazwsx” and “trustno1”. SplashData estimates about 3% of people have used the worst password on the list, and 10% have used one of the worst 25 passwords.