Intel’s me may have violated Minix3 ‘s free software license


Intel’s Me subsystem uses the BSD-authorised Minix 3 operating system, Intel’s customers and outside even the author Andrew Tanenbaum teaches I didn’t know until a few months ago The chip giant’s x86 processor, launched over the past few years, was pre-installed with free software Minix 3. In the minds of most people, the BSD license seems to allow the enterprise to use it arbitrarily, without having to worry about the source code’s openness like GPL licenses. But in reality, BSD and the GPL have clear terms of authorization and legal requirements. Many companies that use BSD software are in fact seriously violating the BSD license. This is the case with Intel using Minix 3 . According to Minix 3 Licensing requirements: If the enterprise wants to distribute the binary form of Minix 3, it must provide the customer with a clear legal statement. The legal declaration requires that the practice of Minix 3 is incompatible with Intel’s secret concealment.