Solidot | The network believes that the internet needs order


According to Freedom House report China for the third consecutive year was rated as the internet’s least-freedom country. “The rapid development of China’s Internet over the past 20 years has been a testament to its success and China’s support for the free flow of information,” [19459003[19459005thedeputydirectorofChinaNetworksaidinresponsetoareportbyReuters[Nin]. ‘ We can’t let the Internet be completely free, it needs to be orderly, and Europe and the United States also need to deal with fake news and rumors. Nin also talked about large data outbound saying that storing data within the country was a requirement for key information infrastructure operators, rather than for all network operators. He says the rule is not for all data, but for personal information and important data. What is important? It is for the country that this judgment is important, not for business and individuals. Nin said that for the data that really need to leave the country, the law has done the institutional arrangement, after arranging the assessment, that does not endanger the national security and the social public interest can exit. In addition, personal information subject to the consent of the personal information can be exported.