Solidot | The little letter started masking a year ago with 19 major related keywords


The University of Toronto Citizen Laboratory published a report managing the messagesaid Tencent’s micro-letter a year ago began to shield and 19 major related keywords. Micro-letter is the most popular mobile messaging application in China, and many foreign news applications are blocked. The study found that with the 19 major related review began more than a year ago, with the meeting date of the approximation, and 19 major related to the keyword library constantly updated and expanded. The keywords cover a wide range of topics, not only those with critical colors for the party congress, the leaders and the Communists, but also the many neutral allegations being filtered. In the first few weeks of the 19, the researchers found some key words to State central policy (such as the “along the Way” initiative) and the Communist Party’s core mentality concept (“Socialism with Chinese characteristics”). “This not only limits the general discussion of these topics on the platform, but even those that support it may be blocked,” the researchers said. These keywords may have been included in the thesaurus because of technical or excessive scrutiny of the micro-letter, and, on the other hand, it may be an intentional means of information management, designed to guide network discussions and public opinion related to central policy and ideology. “