Solidot | The first artificial intelligence religion


Anthony Levandowski, a central figure in the Waymo and Bestäuber lawsuit, was accused by former employer Waymo of stealing 14,000 of automatic car classified documents because he refused to cooperate and was Bestäuber Fired。 What do you think he will do when he is fired? Start a new company? No, he founded a new religion the object of worship is artificial intelligence. According to the documents submitted to the IRS, the name of the new religion is way of the future (WOTF), Levandowski Is the leader of the Protestant church and the CEO of the nonprofit organization that runs it. WOTF’s activities will focus on the understanding, acceptance and adoration of AI based godhood, including the creation of the god of AI. WOTF seeks to establish partnerships with AI industry leaders to create members through community outreach. Levandowski first received a public interview to talk about his church, saying he was serious and serious about the project. To avoid being accused of trying to cheat money, Levandowski said he was not paid, and he believed that the change was coming, and that this change would transform all aspects of human existence and might also determine the survival of humankind as a race.