Solidot | Tencent won the “Jedi Survival” agent


Tencent announced won the big Escape Game “Jedi survival” of the Chinese agent. Prior to the SARFT clearly said will not approve such games said ” Its similar to the ancient Roman arena game experience and the existence of the concept of survival has seriously deviated from our socialist core values and the Chinese nation’s traditional cultural habits and moral norms, is not conducive to the physical and mental health of young consumers. However, as the first internet giant to have a close relationship with the government, Tencent self-confidence can pass the approval, said “Tencent will maintain close communication with the national authorities, after this cooperation, will be with PUBG company in accordance with the relevant guidance of the competent departments, the game does not meet the relevant provisions of the content to adjust, and further highlighting the game’s team cooperation and fair competitive attributes, to ensure that the socialist core values, in line with the Chinese traditional cultural habits and moral norms. “Jedi Survival” is the highest-Steam online game, a record more than 20 million sales, and Tencent’s games often lead to games no longer open to China, and “Jedi Survival” is likely to be called another game in China.