Solidot | Open Source Mini Pocket PC gameshell


Anonymous reader wrote “Gameshell is a” 19459003 “Mini handheld computer kit which uses ARM
The structure of the processor, and support the Linux industry system, users can freely install various software, or in the case of a hard transformation, and from its exterior and name, Gameshell is well suited to the use of a handheld game master, and it can also be used with retroarch to play various kinds of games.

Gameshell is the most specific place in which it uses a modular design, mainly can be divided into the main board, Controller, screen, horn, battery, such as 5 large modules, users need only to combine them together, and installed in the specialized machine shell, can be used as a handheld computer or game host machine. Gameshell uses the Clockwork Pi motherboard, the SOC for allwinner r16 has ARM CORTEX-A7 4 core processor, as well as the MALI400MP2 core drawing processor, and matches 512MB DDR3 Memory, storage media support 4GB to 32GB Micro SD card, in addition to the main board is also built Wi-Fi network features, and has 3.5mm headset terminals, 14Pin Uart/i2c/spi/gpio terminals, and an exclusive connection terminal that can be connected to other modules through the wiring. “