Solidot | Long March sixth successfully launched three Jilin satellite


China in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center with the Long March sixth launch vehicle successfully launched three Jilin satellite. Jilin first satellite project is a self-developed commercial remote sensing satellite in Jilin Province, which will provide commercial users with services such as forecasting and mitigating geological disasters and shortening the exploration time of natural resources. Jilin Province, one of the oldest industrial bases in China, is developing the satellite industry as a new economic growth point, which plans to launch 60 satellites by 2020 and launch 138 satellites by 2030. Including the three launched yesterday, it has so far launched six Jilin Satellite, which plans to launch 16 satellites in 2018 and 2019 to form a global remote sensing satellite network capable of updating data within 3-4 hours. Since 2020, the Jilin first satellite project will be increased to 60, the data update time shortened to 30 minutes.
By 2030, satellite networks will be able to update data anywhere in the world within 10 minutes.