Solidot | Fu Yiu Glass American workers vote against forming a trade union


in Ohio, a factory in which more than 1500 employees are employed, the paternalistic attitude of Dewang, a car-glass king, faces a severe test . The workers held a vote in Wednesday and Thursday to decide whether to set up a union. The head of the UAW said it had won support for the formation of a trade union, with a high-handed and haphazard attitude towards managers. Fuk Yiu Glass The chief legal Officer of the U.S. branch said the company “resolutely” denies the allegations and that it is part of the union’s false propaganda. In China, unions are tightly controlled by the Communist Party. An unauthorized strike or demonstration will usually be forced to end soon. According to the results of the Thursday vote, the workers opposed the establishment of a trade union by 868 votes to 444 . Factory managers have aggressively opposed the formation of unions, using carrot-and-stick strategies, including ways to provide free food through emotional action.