Solidot | Disney announces the new Star Wars trilogy and reality TV series


after the upcoming Star Wars Eight: The last Jedi and the 2019 Star Wars nine, will make The new Star Wars trilogy, but this time the protagonist will not be around the Skywalker family, but to introduce a new role to explore the universe has never been explored before the corner. The new trilogy will be in the charge of the final Jedi director Rian Johnson. In addition, Disney will produce a live version of the Star Wars TV series. The previously released Star Wars dramas were cartoons. Disney also revealed details of streaming media services. Robert Iger, CEO Iger, said the price of services would be significantly lower than Netflix’s, as the initial phase would offer much less content than Netflix. Netflix now has a monthly price of $8-$ 12. Iger said Disney would enrich its service content after 2019 years, and the price could rise.