Solidot | CIA announces 321GB Bin Laden personal archives


US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) published the (temporary offline) Navy Seals in 2011 raided the Abertabad Benraden residence in Pakistan from their computers and other digital devices in the search of 321GB files, including documents, images, Audio and video, including al-Qaida’s promotional and planning documents, home videos, communications with family members and other al-Qaida leaders. Osama bin Laden was killed in the raid. Some of the copyrighted material contained in his personal digital collection is not publicly available, but the name is open, and bin Laden was found to have a large collection of Hollywood movies and animations, such as “Ice Age 3: The Dawn of Dinosaurs”, “Final Fantasy 7”, “Car Story”, “Biochemical Crisis”, and “cat and Mouse”, in addition to YouTube virus-Spread video “Charlie Bit my Finger” and many cat videos. Bill Roggio who visited the archives in advance, suspected that many materials might have been prepared for his family.