Solidot | Canadian hackers admit to help Russian security agency invade Yahoo


22-year-old Canadian man Karim Baratov (figure IV) in Tuesday in San Francisco, California, admitted that helped agents of the Russian security Service in the theft of Yahoo 500 million user accounts. The U.S. Department of Justice accused of Baratov and three other Russians at the beginning of this year and the latter three were still not arrested in Russia. Baratov admits hacking into the webmail account of individuals interested in the Federal Security Agency, and then sending the password to Aleksandrovich Dokuchaev, the accomplice. Targeted attacks allow four of people to visit the Yahoo Internal network, infiltration into the Yahoo Intranet, Alexsey Belan carried out the investigation, in the process found two key resources: Yahoo user database, the “s user databases (UDB) and management tools account Management Tool. The UDB content allows Belan and two federal security agents to locate the target account they are interested in, and accounts Management Tool allows them to change the password of the target account. They also found a tool that allows them to forge cookies for the target user account and access the account without changing the password.