Solidot | Beijing requests illegal rental apartment tenants to move out immediately


after a serious fire that killed 19 people in an apartment in Daxing city, Beijing began overhauling the apartment, but its practices sparked controversy. Official media reported “Since November 20, the city of Beijing to carry out a 40-day security hidden trouble, large clean-up, major rectification action, one of the actions is to accelerate the strict inspection, return rent apartments … In addition to the case of daxing, including Haidian, Chaoyang, Tongzhou, Fengtai and other areas of urban and rural joints are strictly check the illegal construction of rental apartments, the deadline for tenants to vacate, the relocation of a short period of one or two days, the length of 3rd to one week. “There are tenants and netizens in social media complaining This is not the case, photos and video shows a large number of tenants leave the apartment with luggage, it is not clear whether they can find a place in time.