Solidot | Alibaba’s entertainment business market share decline


starring in the martial arts film “Gong Shou Tao” on Youku potatoes posted several days online clicks have broken billion and sparked hot debate, but this is not enough to save Alibaba into the plight of the entertainment business, this business not only lose money, market share is also falling . So far, Alibaba’s efforts in the entertainment industry have been more like the feeling of a mediocre rich kid making a mark in Hollywood. The assets acquired by Alibaba in movies, online video and online music are either shrinking or being robbed by rivals such as Tencent. Under Alibaba’s leadership, Youku has lost its market-leading position. At present, Archie Art and Tencent video is fiercely vying for the top spot, and Youku potatoes ranked third, the share far behind. The same is true in the music market.