Andy Rubin “Vacation” due to Google’s improper relationship


Essential founder and CEO Andy Rubin for personal reasons for the avoidance of “vacation” the media reported that he worked with a female subordinate during Google to maintain an improper relationship, and was complained to HR. A spokesman for Rubin denied the claim, saying that any relationship established by Rubin during Google was consensual, and that he had never been told by Google to engage in misconduct. The woman who complained was reported to be working in the Rubin-administered Android department, and any personal relationships established by the two people violated Google’s policy: The company required employees to disclose such relationships and to arrange for one of the employees to go to another department. Rubin was the robotics department that left the Android department to manage Google in 2013. But the HR investigation is said to have occurred in 2014 years. The survey found that Rubin’s behavior was inappropriate and showed poor judgment.