ZTE ranked TOP5 in the Russian market share of 27%


News on ZTE. In recent years, the Chinese brand is gradually leading the development trend of the smart phone market. Looking around the world, China’s smart phone brand market share a new high, reaching 48%. Focused on Russia, according to third-party analysis company Counterpoint released a report, the second quarter of 2017, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers to win the Russian smart phone market, nearly one-third of the market share, up to 27%, ZTE mobile phone ranked B2C market smart phone Brand TOP5, set up a new highland brand in China.

Deep plowing B2C channels to consolidate brand awareness

ZTE mobile phone in the Russian market before the brand awareness less than 5%, 2016 the value has increased significantly to 52%, smart phone sales also doubled, which is undoubtedly due to ZTE mobile phone continued to deepen the Russian B2C market strategic layout and Very competitive models of the layout, the depth of mining the local market and consumer demand. 2015 ZTE mobile phone is a more critical year, with the channel operators to deepen cooperation, with the product structure adjustment, product quality continues to improve, won the trust of partners and consumers praise, brand awareness is also Steadily improve.

smartphone ZTE AXON 7
ZTE’s AXON 7 is a popular sub-brand in Russia

The first quarter of 2016, the Russian federal channel Euroset ZTE mobile phone to throw an olive branch, the final 6 different price segment of the product successfully entered the Euroset channel and gradually formed a hot, current sales growth of more than 30%.

In 2017, ZTE mobile phone and Megafon reached a large promotional cooperation. Megafon Retail is one of the three major telecom operators in Russia Megafon’s wholly-owned subsidiary, is in addition to Euroset, MTS, Svyaznoy outside the Russian Federation level one of the four channels, in Russia throughout the self-operated stores more than 2,000, About 2,000, the total number of stores more than 4000, and vigorously led the ZTE secret Axon series and Blade series of products sales.

Deepening consumer demand ZTE mobile phone strong breakthrough

From the product, Blade V8 for the first half of 2017 Russia’s best-selling models, but also ZTE mobile phone Blade series of the latest products, the main double photo camera, pricing close to the people, and the Russian young people keen to take pictures of photography like a hit it off ZTE mobile phone to fully explore the Russian young people willing to accept and try the latest technology preferences, taking into account the inherent needs of their rational consumption, to promote strong purchasing power and sustained growth. In view of the characteristics of the target population, highlighting the bright and energetic highlights of the product, the online and offline match, the response is good, and the sales volume of the product is only boosted. Only the sales volume of the Blade V8 and Blade V8 Lite is nearly 5,000.

In addition to Russia, ZTE mobile phones in other countries and regions are also very eye-catching performance, the US market long-term stable fourth, the Australian market third, the German market fourth, Spain, Indonesia, Canada market fifth. In recent years, ZTE as the representative of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the international market influence and market share is rising, breaking the well-known brands of heavy containment, out of a manufacturing from China to China to create a breakthrough.