Solidot | Sarft said it would not approve the big escape and kill games


News published Sarft clearly said will not approve the big escape killing games. Jedi survival: The Great Escape kill is currently the most fiery big escape game, on the Steam platform created at the same time online close to 2.4 million people’s records. The game, developed by South Korean developer Bluehole, also has countless fans in China, so that giants like Tencent are intent on introducing them to China, and many Chinese game developers are planning to develop similar games. But Sarft said “This kind of game not only has a lot of bloody, violent content, and its similar to the ancient Roman arena game experience and the existence of the concept of survival is seriously deviated from our socialist core values and the Chinese traditional cultural habits and moral norms, is not conducive to the physical and mental health of young consumers. In this regard, the general administration of the game, which encourages killings, especially the role played by other gamers, is clearly negative and will be difficult to obtain permission to publish operations. “