Solidot | Kaspersky is accused of modifying the software to help Russian theft of NSA secrets


Russia Government hackers, according to reports from an NSA contractor using Kaspersky software on home computers to steal confidential documents, this information is to infiltrate into the Israeli hackers of Kaspersky Lab revealed American intelligence agencies . Kaspersky insists he did not participate in about related activities. Now the Wall Street Journal quoted current and former Government officials in the United States the message report ( English ) , And could not have been informed. American officials say Kaspersky software programmed to scan a specific keyword. After an adjustment software, keyword search can be used to “top secret” may write words in government documents, as well as United States Government secret code name for the project. They believe that this adjustment can only be carried out under Kaspersky knowledge of. US intelligence agencies have spent several months researching and testing Kaspersky software, see if it triggers a software scan of confidential materials. Experimental results are used to persuade officials that Kaspersky is used for detecting confidential information.