Solidot | Chinese universities to consider social media posts to assess researchers


nature reported shortly before the controversial policy of Zhejiang University last month published of the outstanding achievements of network culture to implement measures for the determination of Zhejiang University (draft), which States that if an academic article in “two micro-end” spread of influence is huge, as in the people’s daily and other central-level media ” Micro letter public, “issued a document reading capacity of 100,000 +, of headlines published works not less than 400,000, to as level published in academic journals. Zhejiang University, said this policy is mainly used in Humanities and social science. Chinese researchers believe the policy will affect science. The biologists say an anonymous, you do not need to be a good scientist without good papers published. He was concerned that the policy could change the main funding body for assessment of the National Natural Science Foundation. He said that if they opened Pandora’s box, National Natural Science Foundation may also change policy. Foundation Director Professor Yang Wei said that there was no such change, funding will be based on peer-review judgment only.