Solidot | British officials say the culprit behind Wannacry is North Korea


The British secretary of state, Wallace, said the country was “pretty sure” that North Korea was wannacry blackmail software attack The culprit the attack devastated the NHS computer system and spread to more than 150 countries, including Chinese universities, German rail systems and the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Wallace declined to elaborate on the evidence of the conclusion. “I obviously can’t talk about intelligence details, but in this community and in many countries it is widely believed that North Korea has played that role,” he said. “There may also be a link between North Korea and other attacks intended to raise foreign currency,” he said, referring explicitly to last year’s attempt by North Korean hackers to steal 1 billion of dollars from the Federal Reserve in New York, if not for a spelling mistake, and that attack was almost a success. Experts in the UK and the United States say North Korea has 6,000 hackers, and their ability to carry out effective cyber attacks has improved.