Solidot | Beijing to discuss shares stake in Tencent, Facebook and YouTube 1%


the first half of last year, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg citing a person familiar with news reports, the Government in major Internet company to buy 1% “special management unit” assigned a seat on the Board, said the Government representative will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing content, but do not participate in the day-to-day business decisions. A year later, the Wall Street Journal cited sources again report (paywall), worry that the private sector’s growing power, Chinese regulators are discussing buying Tencent, micro-blogging, and Alibaba, youku, Tudou 1% “special management unit.” Some Internet companies have accepted the “special management unit” investments, such as the network now is the news application information of the shareholders, it as well as the Treasury has invested 70 million Yuan to purchase 1% shares information through this investment to ensure that it can get a video license, And an official with the Beijing Office of the Presidency of the company recommended the Dong, review the editorial decisions of the platform. People’s daily will invest 7.2 million buying a stake in nationalist Forum iron 1.5%, and assign the shareholder will be responsible for content review, familiar with the sources said of the deal, each company ultimately had to accept, the sooner more competitive advantage.