Mozi: world first quantum communication trunk


Recently through the Mozi, world’s first Quantum Communication Network, the Chinese Academy of Sciences President Bai Chunli and Austrian Academy of Sciences Dean Antonio Salinger  made a video call. It is reported that this is the history of the first intercontinental quantum confidential communications, call content after quantum encryption can not crack.

quantum trunk control centre
image taken from quantum trunk control centre

British “Daily Mail” said that this is the world’s first “unbreakable” quantum communication technology to support the video call, indicates that the super security communications, a new era To “will never be

quantum communication will never be hacked
“Beijing-Shanghai trunk”: the world’s first integrated world of quantum communication network prototype.

In the afternoon, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli and the Austrian Academy of Sciences Dean Salinger through a quantum secure communication network for a video call.

This call uses the quantum key, the signal is so “go”: first through the “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line” Beijing Control Center and the “Mozi” satellite Xinglong ground station connection, open up the integration of heaven and earth wide area quantum communication chain And then through the “Mozi” and the Austrian ground station satellite quantum communication, came to more than 7,000 kilometers away in Europe.

quantum communication from Vienna to Beijing
quantum communication from Vienna to Beijing

“Beijing-Shanghai trunk” is a link to Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Hefei through the backbone of the quantum communication network, a total length of more than 2,000 kilometers to meet the tens of thousands of users of the key distribution business needs. Through this line, Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Alibaba Group also achieved the Beijing-Shanghai remote data transmission and other applications of quantum encryption.

Quantum communication is by far the only strict proof of unconditional security of the communication, can effectively solve the information security issues. It is reported that the future will be based on the “Beijing-Shanghai trunk” as the basis, to promote quantum communications in the financial, government, national defense, electronic information and other fields of large-scale application, the establishment of a complete quantum communications industry chain and the next generation of national sovereign information security ecosystem, Constructing Quantum Internet Based on Quantum Communication

It is reported that China and the other four places, Singapore, Italy, Germany and Russia to conduct a similar test dialogue between the plan has been included.

Field test: quantum communication encrypted online shopping information will not be cracked

Internet age, large data, things become an undeniable trend, at the same time, the network security problem has been hanging in the Internet business head “a sword.” Take the most common online shopping, although it has been encrypted, but this information is not without cracking.

"Beijing-Shanghai trunk line" project scientists on-site demonstrating in control centre
“Beijing-Shanghai trunk line” project scientists on-site demonstration of a practical application of quantum confidential communications – through the “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line” to the bank’s money from Shanghai to Beijing, to intuitively explain the principle

First, because the “inseparable”, eavesdroppers can not split out half of the quantum to measure; Second, the measurement will inevitably change the state of the quantum, eavesdroppers can not intercept the quantum, to measure its state, because such eavesdropping behavior will be exposed; Third, the unknown quantum state can not be accurately copied, eavesdroppers even if the interception of the quantum, can not accurately copy the quantum state to eavesdropping, can only be “pseudo code.”

“Beijing-Shanghai trunk line” project chief engineer Chen Yu Ao said that because the quantum has “indivisible” “uncertainty” “can not be cloned” and other characteristics, quantum confidential communication in principle is absolutely safe, can not be cracked.

At present, this technology is not limited to the laboratory. China has taken the lead in quantum communication to the daily life, so that the quantum key communication terminal equipment, all through the optical exchange, network routing equipment as the core of the quantum information security system for the secret information “escort.”

In addition, the completion and opening of the Beijing-Shanghai trunk will also attract and nurture a number of quantum communications in the field of upstream and downstream enterprises, so that the quantum communications industry has become an important strategic emerging industries.

Knowledge Extension: Speaking from Einstein’s “Ghost”

Quantum communication refers to the use of quantum entanglement effects of information transmission of a new type of communication. Retrospect the origin of quantum communication, but also from Einstein’s “ghost” – quantum entanglement of the argument.

Quantum entanglement is a peculiar quantum mechanics phenomenon, and in layman’s terms, two quantum in an entangled state are like “telepathy”, and how far apart can affect each other, Einstein calls it “ghostly Long distance “.

Based on the “quantum entanglement” based on the “uncertainty principle”, scientists put forward the idea of ​​”quantum communication”, according to the principle of uncertainty, the way of transmission of information from the fundamental to eliminate the possibility of being deciphered , Even if the information is intercepted, its “uncertainty” makes the cracker simply can not start.

But to make quantum communication practical, the need to achieve quantum entanglement of long-distance distribution. Quantum entanglement distribution, is a pair of “sensing” of the quantum sub-divided in two places. But the quantum ground transmission, whether through fiber or the atmosphere has a larger signal loss, after the domestic and international ground test transmission distance has been stuck in the order of one hundred kilograms. An effective way to solve this problem is to use satellites to distribute to the ground.

At 16:20 on August 16, 2016, China in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center with the Long March II Ding carrier rocket successfully the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite “Mozi” launch. Which will enable China to achieve in the world for the first time to achieve the satellite and the ground between the quantum communication, building a world of integrated quantum communications and scientific experimental system.

For the scientific research and application of the quantum age, our scientists have a clear road map: through the quantum communication research, from the initial realization of long-range quantum communication network, to achieve multi-lateral multi-vertical global quantum communication network; through quantum computing, large-scale calculation Difficult to provide solutions to achieve large data age information effective mining; through quantum precision measurement research, to achieve a new generation of positioning navigation, laser guidance, underwater positioning, medical testing.