Mayi Rentals: “Mr & Mrs Smith” stolen with the fate ID


Mayi Rentals, known as one of Airbnb’s competitors in China recenlty facing a new challenge. Carefully decorated wedding room, was ransacked. From the perfume of the bathroom to the face-washing milk, all the pots and rolls, the quilt pillows from the bedroom to the closet, all the men’s and women’s clothing and underwear socks, as well as the kitchen oven, rice cookers, multi-layer steamer, yogurt machine, hot kettle-all taken away.

thieves tenant of mayi rentals
suvilliance captured the photo while they were leaving

90 square meters wedding room was evacuated by Mayi’s tenants in one night

The result is the morning of July 21, Mr. Bi to the new police Station report: The burglary, “can move away from all disappeared.” The economic losses are estimated to exceed $4,000 USD.
If the tables and chairs and refrigerators, sofas and mattresses were too bulky, they would be removed. From the bathroom perfume, facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel and even reel paper, all gone. All the clothes in the closet, the men and women, the underwear, the socks, all gone. Kitchen oven, rice cooker, multi-layer steamer, yogurt machine, hot kettle-even millet, black beans, spices, all took.
The most strange thing is: cell surveillance shows that this pair of thieves are sent by courier to move things. And more than once, take up to two viechles.Mr. Beebe still thinks that the whole thing is strange, his wife is in the cleaning of the heartache and Anger: bed quilt and the quilt in the cupboard, a total of 3 Quilts 4 pillows have moved away.
The house was littered with cigarette butts, storage cabinets and cupboards, and the piggy bank, which was fixed on the shelves, was pried, and the coins, which were more than a dime, were all taken away. Even the music of the garbage box, the battery has been unloaded.
Mayi’s tenants had lived 3 nights after the written praise, but also proposed to stay for 3 days and through wechat directly pay the room rate. July 20 evening, Mr. Bi thought the next day at noon the other party to check out, asked a sentence, found that the other side pulled black. He rushed to his rented house and was ransacked. After the surveillance found: 4 hours ago, the male and female thieves have just left.