China’s 5G Expected First to Commercialize

China's 5G Expected First to Commercialize
China's 5G Expected First to Commercialize

As communications technology advances, people on the Internet the experience requirements have become more sophisticated. From 2G to 4G, online games, real-time mobile video, teleconferencing, cloud computing, and other value-added services, such as can be achieved. On this basis, my country continues to strengthen its efforts to promote the network speed drop, 5G’s research and development is fast. In January 2016, China’s 5G technology research and development test is started, divided into key technology validation, technical solution validation and system validation implemented in three stages. 5G starting from last year, the Ministry announced the first phase of research and development since the test, the time has now come for 1.5 years.

5G is short for next-generation mobile communication technology, compared to 4G, its most prominent feature is “fast”, average rates are up to 10Gbps of network, 4G network more than 100 times, and a second will be able to download an HD movie. In addition to speed, short 5G and network capacity, latency, low power consumption and other characteristics. This means that wearable devices, Smart City, and even remote surgery is no longer only in concept. When will 5G be integrated into our life, our life would be what earth-shaking changes have taken place?

In 2017 China-Beijing International Information Communication Exhibition official site, reporters tried to drive a car in that remain in the booth, through the 5G experimental network, steering and throttle with as far as 1000 miles away in Shanghai on the road to the speeding vehicle synchronization, you can also watch the test car’s field of vision. 5G network latency is only 0.5 to 10 milliseconds, and can control within 20 cm of brake error, simply put, is to rely on the 5G network in Beijing, Hula Chair can complete the desire to drive in Shanghai. China Mobile Booth Announcer: “we put up a driving simulator at the site, as well as three HD big screen live video back and forth, we are far away in the layout in the demo area, Jiading district, Shanghai 5G base station and vehicle 5G Terminal, through the 5G network will be connected to Beijing and Shanghai.

5G implements the interconnection between persons and persons, things and things. In Ericsson Chinese Zhao Juntao, President, 5G effect of transformation on the industry will be more than ever before, including 2G, 3G, every communication technology revolution, 5G terminal will also be much more abundant than 2G, 3G, “5G will be promoting the digital technology, will help to achieve an immersive experience, automatic, remote robot control , Augmented reality and mixed reality in the field of service, 5G transformation is the entire value chain of opportunities.

Till present, China has built the world’s largest network of 4G, today 4G base station up to 2.99 million, 60% per cent of the global total, the good foundation for the development of 5G. The other hand, while 4G is still in the ascendant, and even 5G commercial, a long period of time, an estimated 4G, 5G will exist in parallel, but successive changes in communications technology, either 2G, or 3G, 4G, role in the chain who first occupied the commanding heights of industry, Who compete in the market at a later stage a little more winning chances. Therefore, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three carriers already on the 5G textual layout.

As a developer of the China’s 5G technology, mobile wireless terminal technologies Research Institute Yang Guang, Deputy Director of the Institute, said: “in 2016 we were tested for key technologies, 3 years passed by, We have a certain scale of deployment of field experiments. At this point of time, we combine technological maturity and maturity of the industry to determine the corresponding base station the size of your deployment and the number of base stations.

Now, the three carriers are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places starting outfield China’s 5G system prototype construction and testing. China Telecom Jiangsu Branch Manager Zhang Zhihua said: “small scale commercial trials in 6 cities of China Telecom, June 2018 to December 2019, will try to scale the business, after 2020 will enter large-scale commercial use.

Not an exaggeration to say that today, in the upstream industry chain of China’s 5G technology, system equipment and other sectors, domestic enterprises have been basic to the commercial conditions, and poised. Particularly worth mentioning is, including independent research and development of new technologies such as 5G, also had a big breakthrough in China.

ZTE Chief scientific Jia Xiang Jiying told reporters that in recent years, 5G, cloud network, Internet and other new technologies, ZTE billion invested research and development funds, the single super billion annual investment in research and development, and the “5G index is very high, we made a number of its own technical standards, Proportional increase their research and development, such as baseband chip key.

From the 3G period to catch up, to 4G during the synchronization, and then to 5G lead, advances in information communication industry of China to world attention. Communication Development Division at the Ministry said Wen Ku, 5G technology has entered the second phase, while the second phase of the main content 5G a new empty test has ended. At present, China’s 5G group in the planning and construction of Beijing Huairou 30 station 5G field. Next, the 5G technology experiment will usher in the third phase, will follow the 5G uniform international standards and hardware platform based on business-oriented, focus on pre-commercial device single-station network performance, and interoperability testing. Therefore, follow-up system, chips aimed at the 5G business objectives and fully meet the requirements of commercial, “mainly verify some technologies last year, this year we integrated it systems, and with the development of technology, standards and advancing in the world, some standards have gradually matured. For now, peak rate, delay, mobility, which has made good progress, some indicators than we were initially designed well, because the standard is fixed until next year, this year has been completed.

Industry expects as next year’s standard of 5G the first stage, including chips, system vendors and a Terminal application enterprises, will be in full operation to the 5G in the process of industrialization, industrial boom is expected to form.General Manager of Datang mobile d Ma Jiancheng judge next year, China is expected to lead the world into commercial status, “system has now reached miniaturization and low cost a closer to practical situations, we expect next year, China could lead into commercial status.