China’s AUTO-Varieties attracts attention


AUTO-Varieties means a certain type of convenience stores operating without staff, just like the ATM machines. It is now causing concern, which is characterized by using anti-theft face-recognition systems and the latest technology such as Smartphones settlement to control labour costs and other operating costs, which suffer from a shortage of Japan retail merchants also appeared to be a reference.

According to the Kyodo News Agency reported on September 23, “Beijing” opened the auto-varieties in late July in Beijing, entrance camera confirmed visitors with prior registration of profile pictures are the same product is identified with the IC, can be automatically calculated on the cash register.Payment settlement services using smart phones. If you carry unpaid merchandise exports would not open.

Reports say, but try something new along with trouble, no fault once stopped by the cash register, and customers didn’t buy anything and left. To visit Japanese retail giant said: “the job shortage is a serious problem in Japan, so it’s very interesting, is the strength of Chinese enterprises to fail to start.

Venture business operation in China “Benko boxes” last August opened the first store in Shanghai and about 80 stores. Benko box is factory mass production of building material assembled on site from the container store, which can also be moved, hand-picked feel similar to the people into the vending machine products.Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chen Zilin stressed that can be set in any region of space, not only labour can also reduce store rental, operating costs of ordinary convenience store under 15%. Allegedly, negotiate the number exceed the expected future plans to expand to 5,000 stores in one fell swoop.