Baidu Opened second Silicon Valley R&D Center

Baidu is so-called the world's biggest Chinese search engine
Baidu is the biggest search engine and advertisment company in China

Silicon Valley, as a global innovation center and senior talent gathering place, the world’s science and technology giants almost all in this camp. Baidu recently set up a research and development center. Now there are 2 research centers Baidu has built in the valley.

Recently, Baidu in Silicon Valley set up a second R & D center officially opened, and the first R & D center, are located in Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale), about 1600 meters away.

Sunnyvale is a small city, but Yahoo, IBM, AMD and other headquarters are here, it is west of Google headquarters Mountain View City, the south is the headquarters of Apple headquarters Cooperino.

It is reported that Baidu’s second R & D center covers an area of ​​36,000 square feet. Can accommodate 150 employees, which has a car laboratory, the main work and unmanned, Internet

This research and development center will be specializing in AI
This R&D Center will be specializing in AI, unmanned vehicles